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Porsche CPO Process

Most of the time when looking to purchase a pre-owned vehicle, there is a risk in trusting the previous owner to have taken care of the vehicle. Especially when considering a performance vehicle, you want to make sure the car has not been abused in any way.

Here at Aristocrat Porsche, we do not want you to worry about those kind of things. When we certify a pre-owned Porsche vehicle, it must be showroom-fresh. Most of our CPO Porsche vehicles are lease returns or previous customer cars so we are confident in their upkeep.

Beginning the certification process is just the start of a long journey for a pre-owned Porsche. First, the vehicle must be inspected by a licensed Porsche employee. Factory-trained technicians test every component of the vehicle to make sure each part is operable and safe. Any worn parts are replaced with brand new Genuine Porsche Parts directly from Germany.

Absolutely no cost is spared in preparing a vehicle for certification. The goal of a Porsche is to deliver the purest experience of driving pleasure and when a Porsche completes the CPO process, it is guaranteed to deliver that experience.

Here at Aristocrat Motors, we guarantee the Porsche dream with a 111-point inspection and a 50,000 mile Porsche CPO warranty. Every model is eligible for certification through Porsche.

Experience open-air euphoria in the Porsche Boxster or handling perfection in the Porsche Cayman. Pile the family into the spacious Cayenne SUV and enjoy the daily drive in the Macan crossover. Show up the rest of your co-workers in a Panamera sedan or realize a childhood dream with the iconic 911 Carrera. Which model will you choose? It's up to you. The only question you have to ask yourself is "Do I want a car, or do I want a Porsche?" 

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