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Service Mobility Vehicles

Here at Aristocrat Motors, our Porsche customers can expect royal treatment. When you bring your Porsche in for service, we will give you a Porsche to take home*. While our mobility fleet is mainly comprised of Porsche Cayenne vehicles, we even have one 911 available. 

Mobility vehicles are first come first serve, so call in advance to improve your odds. Porsche customers are drivers. Their cars are each works of art from a brand with a rich heritage. When your service is expected to take a while, your service advisor will notify you and you will be offered a loaner if one is available.

When you request a loaner vehicle, we ask that you bring your driver's license, proof of insurance, and a credit card for our records before you leave. Complimentary service loaners are just one of the many ways Porsche values your business. 

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